Solar Energy System

10KW Horizontal Single Axis Solar Power Tracker

The Single Axis Solar Power Tracker could adjusts solar panels into horizontal when meeting strong wind.

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10KW Horizontal Single Axis Solar Power Tracker

Jesfer Automatic Solar Power Tracking System Single Axis uses high-precision astronomical algorithm to calculate the angle of the sun, combined with high-performance  microcomputer (DSP core), so that the system is accurate and reliable, not rainy days interference. 

It adopts inclination sensor of international first-line brand, real-time closed-loop feedback tracking angle, automatic tracking, without manual intervention.

Solar Axis Tracker


1.High generating capacity

Solar Tracker use back-track algorithm  to ensure that the solar panels are not covered each other all day,power capacity increased  again.

2.High intelligent application

Solar Tracker uses the international brand tilt sensor, intelligent identification of rotation angle, without manual debugging angle.

3.High Compatibility

Jesfer company's proprietary design module and bracket locking parts, compatible with any PV module specifications.

Horizontal Single Axis tracker Technical Parameters

Module Number
20 units
Module Size
1650 * 992mm
Tracking Precision
≤ 1°
Communicating Protocol
Power Supply
Electricity Consumption
Tracking Angle Angle
-45° ~ +45°
Tilt Angle

Bracket Area
≈ 33 m2
Operating Temperature
-40 ℃ ~ +80 ℃
Bracket Material
Hot Galvanizing
Device Weight
≈ 430Kg
GBT 29320-2012
Design Life
> 25 years
The product belong to customized type ,pls feel free to contact us right now to get the free design with competitive price .

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Project Case

Tiled Single Axis Solar Tracker

Our Service

we are Provider of solar smart solutions,Customzied complete Single Axis Solar Power Tracker is available.with over 15years combined solar energy experience,Jesfer solar continues to be part of the renewable energy transition by helping your harvest clean energy at any given location in the world.

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