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Solar Ground Mounting Foundation Solutions -Concrete Based | Screw Based | Pile Based Feb 21, 2022

Solar ground mounting system is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. No wonder people have been using aluminium solar mounting system products as building power electric materials for hundreds of years. As the use of solar system has grown in popularity, we've seen this reliable eco-friendly new energy material used in ground ,flat roof ,carport ,and and even entire BIPV building structures.

Ground mount solar products used for construction purposes must be treated to resist huge wind and heavy snow . All pv ground mounting systems we offer could resist various climatic conditions, no matter concrete based,screw based or pile based . meanwhile, it can be used for decorative and structural projects.

What kind of the foundation of solar ground mounting solutions?

1.Concrete based

Concrete based ground solar support is a widely used ground mounted solar installation solutions. Before the making subsequent brackets installation, the concrete foundation needs to be made first and maintained with sufficient strength, and the construction period is long.

solar panel ground mounting systems

2. Screw based

This screw foundation system is suitable for most soil conditions. The design of grounding screw flange plate and mounting foot is unique. If the grounding screw is a little misplaced, the installation mounting structure can be adjusted within a certain range, whether left or right, front and rear, or even up and down. But it needs to do soil tests to investigate the bearing capacity of the soil. The construction period is short, but specific installation equipment is required.

ground mount racking

3. Pile based

It is suitable for installing large-scale solar projects on non sandy ground. The C post can be easily driven into the ground 100cm to 200cby a pile driver , and then both the pre-assembled beam structure and other brackets can be easily installed. Before installation, soil test or sample test is also required.

pv ground mounting systems

If you are interested in working with solar panel ground mounting systems products, we would love to help you! If you need more information, you can visit our range of ground mount solutions . We will always strive to innovate and do our best for a better world.

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