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What are the different types of solar carport mounting structures | Solar Carport Manufacturers Feb 22, 2022

In modern photovoltaic garage buildings, the main materials are aluminum alloy and carbon steel. Aluminum alloy is one of the important materials. It not only provides a lot of visual attraction, but also makes the new building more spiritual and beautiful. In fact, aluminium alloy has been used as a building material for more than 2000 years. Aluminium alloy is not only beautiful in appearance, but also light in material. It has high strength and durability and can be used for various projects and purposes. Aluminum alloy is a popular choice for the construction of roof , ground, pitched roof, flat roof and many large ground solar panels mounting structure,one of them aluminum alloy solar carport mounting system is one of the most popular in market. What are the different types of solar carport mounting structure ?

1.Aluminium alloy solar carport mounting

AL Carport mounting structure with full aluminum alloy Al6005-T5 and stainless steel 304 bolts & nuts material.Its price is more competitive, and the panel can be freely installed horizontally or vertically. This design is easy to install and developing very fast,especially both Europe and South America have big demand for using aluminium mounting for carport solar construction.

solar carport mounting structures

2.Waterproof solar carport mounting structure

The installation frame of waterproof solar carport mounting structure has good waterproof performance and adopts crossing rail design. Double drainage structure, fast drainage and good waterproof performance. The addition of EDPM rubber strip not only protects the solar panel, but also improves the waterproof performance.The installation is very simple and fast without any welding on site.

waterproof solar carport mounting structure

3.Carbon steel solar carport structures

Carbon steel solar carports structure is famous for its durability. The main material of steel structure carport is hop -dipped galvanized steel, with high strength and excellent elastic modules.The components are small and light, which is convenient for installation and transportation. Under the same stress condition, the steel has small self weight and can be flexible made into a structure with large span.

residential solar carport structures

Structural performance characteristics of solar carport mounting

*Simple structure and short production .

*Use general standard parts to reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

* provide non waterproof and waterproof solutions, which can be customized according to customer needs. the appearance of parts is regular, the packaging and transportation are convenient,

*Using SUS 304 bolt&nut and high quality material aluminium alloy and carbon steel to connect ,with fast installation and low requirements for workers.

The construction of solar parking structure system has almost no geographical restrictions and it is very flexible and convenient. Solar garage is a system that combines photovoltaic power generation with garage. It can not only protect vehicles from wind and rain, but also use solar energy to create clean photovoltaic energy for electric vehicle charging, lighting and grid connected power supply.A excellent built solar garage is deserved.

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