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Building integrated photovoltaic system-What should an ideal solar house BIPV look like? May 18, 2021

Build a comfortable and beautiful photovoltaic sunshine room at home,Make more leisure time meaningful,Exclusive space, and enjoy life.

The spiritual space created by photovoltaic  BIPV house,Integrating leisure, reverie, reception, entertainment into one;Let every friend who owns villa or duplex terrace,To get out of a closed air-conditioned room,It increases the chance for you and your family to communicate with nature.

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What should an ideal building integrated pv system look like?

1.Safe and firm, good waterproof performance

If you can't resist a typhoon of 12 grade, you can't say it's safe and firm!Tight structure + high quality sealant + highly sealed glass plate,Let building integrated pv not worry about water leakage!

bipv system

2.Beautiful and fashionable, good transparency

Power generation glass with different light transmittance can be selected flexibly!

The junction box and wiring are perfectly hidden in the structure.According to the demand, the designer individualizes the design,Meet the taste of life of different owners.

3. Power generation, good heat insulation effect

When the sun shines on the photovoltaic solar house,Most of the sunlight is absorbed by the power glass and converted into electricity,Meet the daily power consumption of household electrical equipment,The electricity that can't be used up can be sold to power grid companies to make money.Only a small amount of sunlight enters the sunshine room,It can block the sunlight, reduce the direct ultraviolet rays, and at the same time,It effectively reduces the temperature in the sunshine room

4. Avoid the risk of illegal construction, installation more assured

The power supply station shall go through the grid connection application and acceptance procedures,The national development and Reform Commission handles the project filing,

Together with the project records of Community streets,Effectively avoid the risk of illegal construction of sunshine house,Let you install more assured.

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Welcome friends to consult bipv building integrated photovoltaics project , our senior engineer engaged in the design of BIPV has 15 years of rich experience, to ensure that not only can give every customer satisfaction and safe design, but also more affordable solutions to provide options!

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