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How To Fix Broken Solar Panels | Mar 29, 2021

When the solar panel is damaged and piled with the rubble of the house, the solar panel may generate electricity when the solar panel is exposed to it, and it may cause electric shock when touched with bare hands.

how to repair solar panels

(1) Do not touch with bare hands

(2) When contacting damaged solar panels during rescue and recovery work, insert dry wire gloves or rubber gloves and other insulating gloves.

(3) When multiple solar panels are connected by cables, unplug or cut off the connected cables. If possible, cover the battery panel with a blue tarp or cardboard, or face down to expose it to the sun.

(4) If possible, wrap the exposed copper wire in the cable section with plastic tape, etc.

(5) When transporting the solar panels to the abandoned place, be cautious and break the glass with a hammer, etc. In addition, the components of the battery panel are as follows: semi-solid glass (thickness about 3mm), battery cell (silicon plate: 10) ~15cm square, 0.2~0.4mm thick, silver electrode, solder, copper foil, etc.), transparent resin, White resin board, metal frame (mainly aluminum), wiring material, resin box, etc.

(6) At night and when there is no sun after sunset, although solar panels basically do not generate electricity, they must be operated in the same way as when there is sun exposure.

Note: (1) Even if it is damaged, there is still a risk of electric shock, so do not touch it; (2) When handling damaged panels, contact the sales contractor to take corresponding countermeasures.

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