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Solar Ground Screw Pile Mounting Jan 18, 2022

Ground screw have been widely used for recent years in large commercial solar ground power plants.Jesfer solar had developed universal 4types of screws to meet varied application and land.Solar ground screw pile mounting can be applied for all terrain including sloping hills and soil types, and it’s a significant cost savings through time taken to construct,no concrete,no excavation,no digging or no waste .

Solar mounting ground screw is a modern foundation system,using the drilling machine to install which makes it as the most efficient and cost-saving footing solution.It can be widely applied to different soil conditions.The following are the 4 common types of ground screw .

solar ground screw pile mounting

Double pile ground screw GS-1 can be used in sandy soil

solar mounting ground screw

Four large blades GS-2 can be used in sandy or mellow land

solar ground screw mount racking structure

Common ground screw GS-3 can be used in ordinary ground

ground screws for solar mounting

Adjustable ground screw can be used in uneven land or clay soil

Jesfer solar mounting ground screw foundation is a robust and sustainable alternative to traditional cements based foundations,which removing the need for excavation and concreting. Other applications include signage, timber construction, fencing.


1.Flexible and is a modern foundation system,using the drilling machine to install.

2.Safe,robust,and can minimize the impact on the environment.

3.Long Lasting with consistent performance,it provides a guarantee of 10 years.

Technical Parameter :

Product name

Solar Ground Screw Pile Mounting


Q235 Steel


170-280mm. Accept customized.

Outer Diameter

48mm,76mm,89mm,114mm.Accept customized

Pipe thickness

2mm,2.5mm,3mm,4mm. Accept customized


550~3000mm .Accept Customized

Surface Treatment

hot-dip galvanization, thickness 80um

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