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Solar Photovoltaic Support & Seismic Support | Jun 22, 2021

In the use of solar products, there is an indispensable equipment is the solar photovoltaic bracket equipment. With the development of solar energy system products, seismic structure is constantly updated, so there is an inseparable relationship between solar photovoltaic support and seismic support

In our daily life, when the solar energy equipment is installed on the roof of civil buildings, the required anti-seismic support is aluminum alloy support. This kind of bracket is light in texture, not only has strong corrosion resistance, but also beautiful and durable. The bearing capacity of common seismic support is slightly lower, which is more suitable for ordinary families, but not suitable for solar power station.

In the large-scale solar power station, the concrete lining is used, because the structure of this kind of equipment is relatively large, there is no regional restriction in the field, and the stability is high. The steel support in the seismic support can be widely used in civil and industrial fields, whether it is photovoltaic or solar energy can control, it has the characteristics of high stability and strong anti-corrosion, beautiful and so on.

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Xiamen Jesfer Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd. designed solar roof mount, solar ground mounting system, photovoltaic carport support and solar tracking system support with good seismic performance. Meanwhile , Each project will calculate the maximum bearing strength of solar panel brackets according to the wind speed or snow load of the customer's installation site,so as to ensure the safety of each project.

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