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What are the types of foundation used for ground mounted solar panels? Dec 12, 2021

When it comes to ground mounted solar panels in life, we are no strangers. It is one effective and lower cost to build big commercial solar projects. At present, there are two main foundation ways to install ground mounted pv,first type is on concrete based foundation ,second type is ground screw.

The first type of concrete based foundation is relatively popular in all over the world. there are two reason for is some local geographical environment, and the other is cost control considerations.We have to say that is really the best cheapest ground mount solar racking systems ,therefore, more and more companies adopt concrete based .

concrete based ground mounted solar panels

With regard to ground screw foundation ,it’s more suitable for high mountain and uneven load or heavy wind and strong snow country . Even though ground screw solution is more expensive ,but the safety of ground mount is necessary to be considered .The ground screw is reasonable structure and high is made of hop dip galvanized steel. It has the advantages of bright colors, durability, maintenance-free,etc.

ground screw mounted solar panels

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