Helix Ground Screws Piles Apr 28, 2023

The types of helix ground screws pile are generally divided into the following:

1.Splix ground pile flange connection

Features of flange connection series products: Based on various application requirements, different shapes and specifications of flanges have been developed to connect with the upper part. The main characteristics of flange connection are convenient disassembly, installation, high connection strength, and convenient adjustment of front and rear, left and right, and up and down.

Flange connected splix ground screw piles are widely used in infrastructure construction such as photovoltaic power plants, fruit and vegetable greenhouses, wooden villas, guardrails and fences, advertising and transportation, and wooden walkways.

helix ground screws with flange plate

2.Screw ground pile nut connection.

Features of the Nut Connection Series: It is mainly fastened through nut and bolt connections, and connected to the upper components. The main characteristics of the Nut Connection are simple structure, simple manufacturing process, low cost, convenient up and down adjustment, and wide up and down adjustment range.

The nut connection series is widely used in infrastructure construction such as photovoltaic power plants, guardrails and fences, and billboard transportation.

galvanized screw piles factory

3. Splix ground pile U-shaped disk connection.

Features of the U-shaped disk connection series products: The special U-shaped design structure of the U-shaped disk connection can quickly, simply, tightly, firmly and conveniently connect various wooden column materials. The early design and production are standardized and standardized, bringing great efficiency and convenience to the later construction and installation.

U-shaped disk connection series are widely used in wooden structural connection, such as wooden houses and villas, wooden trestles, advertising signs, etc. ground screws for fence posts

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