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Waterproof Solar Energy Carport Mounting System

Waterproof solar energy carport mounting system has good waterproof effect and easy to install. It can replace the color steel tile to be directly used as the roof material to ensure that the roof will not leakage .This is the best way solutions to solve the problem of water leakage in distributed photovoltaic projects.

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Waterproof Solar Energy Carport Mounting System

 Waterproof solar energy carport mounting system not only has the function of ordinary car shed, but also can be effectively reduced the damage of vehicles from sunlight ultraviolet,heavy wind and snow.Meanwhile,it can effectively use the space to perfectly maximizes the use of land resources. Its biggest advantage is that as long as the charging cabinet is installed under the shed and connected to the line of the array, the electric vehicle can be charged.


1.Feature of solar panel waterproof mounting :

Non porous design:

the whole carport solar waterproof mount rail adopts non porous design to avoid water leakage. BIPV adopts longitudinal w waterproof profile rail, longitudinal cover plate and transverse U-shaped guide tank, so as to guide rainwater into the drainage channel without secondary waterproof on the top surface.

Structural stability:

the vertical w waterproof profile rail of the solar panel waterproof mounting system is connected through hoop or L adapter to connect with cross beam, and solar module is fixedby clamps and bolt, which will makes the whole waterproof carport mounting system stable and firm.

Beautiful and waterproof:

BIPV pv carport mounting system integrates the roof with maintenance channel.The whole roof looks beautiful appearance with good waterproof effect.

Long service life: 

Solar energy carport mounting system adopts galvanized steel and aluminum alloy as the main material. The anti-corrosion performance is much higher than that of ordinary galvanized sheet materials, so as to ensure that there is no need to replace the color steel tile during the whole operation period of the power station,which to reduce the later operation cost.


2.Photo of Waterproof Solar Energy Carport Mounting System:

 china waterproof solar energy mounting carport

3.Drawing of Waterproof Solar Energy Carport Mounting System :

 solar panel waterproof mounting system

4.Technical Parameters for waterproof solar energy mounting carport:

 System Name
 waterproof solar energy mounting carport Panel Layout
 Landscape or Portrait
 Concrete Foundation
 Anodized AL6005-T5 
 Tilt Angle
 SUS304 &Zinc-Nickel Alloy Electroplated Steel
 Snow Load
 Customized or Silver
 Wind Load  60m/s  Design Standard
 AN/NZS1170,DIN1055,JIS C8955,etc.
 Applicable Solar Module
 Framed or Frameless
 10 Years  
 Ground Clearance 2000mm+  Small Components  Anodized AL-6005-T5

5.More details of waterproof solar car parking shed mounts:

Quality :

Our solar parking mount system is made with new aluminium alloy materials (not recycled material), 25 years longer life span than market level. 

Fast delivery: 

We have many production facilities. For large orders, we can complete production faster than many competitors.


Our city has an international seaport and airport, which makes it easy to transport goods all over the world.

Warranty policy:

We could provide 10 years limited warranty for our solar parking lot mounting system products.

Installation guide:

.We would assist you to install the solar energy car mount and send you the installation drawings.

Professional services: 

We have a long history and experience in the production of solar pv carport mounting system, and can provide many suggestions for your installation.

6.Further details of solar mounting system :

Please refer to our FAQ for more details.

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