What Is The Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Generation ? Jan 07, 2022

Complementary form of agricultural and photo-electricity is a simple combination of photoelectric and agriculture. It is to plant crops under the spacing of photovoltaic arrays,which are structurally independent and spatially complete.Meanwhile,choosing the plant low growth crops, or increase the height of PV modules to make the crop growth lower than the height of photovoltaic arrays,it can ensure to avoiding affecting photovoltaic power generation.

Solar agricultural mounting support

With regard to the additional combination mode of photovoltaic and agricultural greenhouse.In fact,In regular solar power stations,solar greenhouses are built between photovoltaic arrays, which are independent of each other, combined with each other in spatial layout and do not affect each other.

Solar agricultural mounting support is one part of agricultural greenhouses and solar houses. The components are installed on the sunny slope, and the structure is integrated as a whole, which can be used as a node building or a single building.

greenhouse solar mount

Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Generation can effectively solve the problems of developing low-carbon economy with energy conservation,emission reduction and developing green clean energy.

Among many new energy sources, solar energy is a kind of inexhaustible and clean energy with has great growth potential.the "Agriculture Photovoltaic complementary" model contains huge development opportunities and market space under the global background of advocating energy conservation, environmental protection and low-carbon economy.

solar panel pole mount

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