Solar Energy System

Aluminum Solar Carport Parking Shed Structure

Aluminum solar carport structure offers a simple ,flexible and affordable solutions for photovoltaic modules power plant field construction.

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Aluminum Solar Carport Parking Shed Structure

 Solar carport structure is made of high-strength aluminum alloy AL5005-T5 to meet customers' needs for safety installation, efficiency and beauty. In order to maximize the use of space, the solar parking structures adopts a special structural design,which allows each unit can park two to four vehicles.Aluminium solar carport structure offers a flexible,simple and affordable solutions for ground carport solar mounting system construction .

 1.Feature of solar carport structure:

◭Size can do customized ,according to the project information.


◭Packing:Carton or steel tray or wood tray

◭Minimum order quantity:1sets 

2.Advantages of solar parking structure:

◭Realize simple, fast and cost-effective installation.

◭Flexible post beam spacing can bear different wind load and snow load.

◭All fasteners and rail nut are Pre-assmeble in our factory to reducing man power .

◭Light weight and excellent appearance ,high corrosion resistant surface treatment.

◭High quality aluminum alloy Al6005-T5material and SUS 304 fasten.

3. Solar carport parking structure product photos:

◭solar carport structure W type:aluminum solar carport structure


◭solar carport structure IV type: 

solar parking structures

4.Installation of solar carport parking structure:

5.Text report for solar mounting system :

certificate solar parking shedSGS solar patio covers

certificate of solar panel shade structure

6. Why choose us for solar carport structure:

Material and Quality: 

Our solar carport parking structure is made with new aluminium alloy materials (not recycled material), 25 years longer life span than market level. 

Fast delivery: 

We have many advance production facilities. For large orders, we can complete production faster than many competitors.


Our city has an international seaport and airport, which makes it easy to transport goods all over the world.

Warranty policy:

We could provide 10 years limited warranty for our carport packing structure products.

Installation guide:

.We would assist you to install the solar carport structure and send you the installation drawings.

Professional services: 

We have a long history and experience in the production of solar parking carport structure, and can provide many suggestions for your installation.

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