• The Notification Holiday of International Workers ' Day
    Apr 29, 2022 The Notification Holiday of International Workers ' Day
    The first of May is a national, public holiday in many countries in all over the world, in most cases as "International Workers' Day" or a similar name,here we would like to remind you that we will have holiday from 30th April to 4th May. If you have any demand of solar panel roof mounting and ground mount solar system or carport mounting , just feel free to contact us. Metal roof solar mounting system Flat roof solar mounting system Xiamen Jesfer Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd Mob/Whatsapp: 0086 157 5929 7402; Web:
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  • What Is The Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Generation ?
    Jan 07, 2022 What Is The Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Generation ?
    Complementary form of agricultural and photo-electricity is a simple combination of photoelectric and agriculture. It is to plant crops under the spacing of photovoltaic arrays,which are structurally independent and spatially complete.Meanwhile,choosing the plant low growth crops, or increase the height of PV modules to make the crop growth lower than the height of photovoltaic arrays,it can ensure to avoiding affecting photovoltaic power generation. With regard to the additional combination mode of photovoltaic and agricultural greenhouse.In fact,In regular solar power stations,solar greenhouses are built between photovoltaic arrays, which are independent of each other, combined with each other in spatial layout and do not affect each other. Solar agricultural mounting support is one part of agricultural greenhouses and solar houses. The components are installed on the sunny slope, and the structure is integrated as a whole, which can be used as a node building or a single building. Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Generation can effectively solve the problems of developing low-carbon economy with energy conservation,emission reduction and developing green clean energy. Among many new energy sources, solar energy is a kind of inexhaustible and clean energy with has great growth potential.the "Agriculture Photovoltaic complementary" model contains huge development opportunities and market space under the global background of advocating energy conservation, environmental protection and low-carbon economy.
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  • Happy New Year |
    Dec 30, 2021 Happy New Year |
    Dear all esteemed Jesfer's clients, This is to inform you all that our beloved  friend  and  well  known  *Mr 2021* is retiring on the 31st of this month. His 12 wives, 52 children and 365 grandchildren will be attending the grand send off on Saturday the 31st December at 23 59 Hrs. However,  his family members asked me to inform you hat he is retiring with *ALL your  problems, sickness, disappointment, frustration, untimely death, shame, disgrace, barrenness, discouragement, failure, and rejection.* Yet, his successor - *Mr 2022 asked me to inform you that, he is going to compensate you  with : *Long life, good health, abundant blessings, peace, joy, righteousness, promotion, uplifting, breakthrough,* * Greetings*
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  •  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Dec 24, 2021 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Dear all esteemed customer , Merry Christmas and happy New Year! The Christmas and New Year holiday is coming near once again. We would like to extend our warm wishes for the upcoming holiday season and would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. May your New Year be filled with special moment, warmth, peace and happiness, the joy of covered ones near, and wishing you all the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness. It’s our honor to contact with you before, and our duty is to give you our best products and excellent service.Hope the next year is a prosperous and harvest year for both of us! Last but not least, once you have any inquiry about solar mounting system in the following days, hope you could feel free to contact with us, which is much appreciated. Yours sincerely Xiamen Jesfer Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.
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  • What Is Advantage of Solar Tracker Mounting System?
    Dec 21, 2021 What Is Advantage of Solar Tracker Mounting System?
    Solar tracker mounting system,a motor and control system make the whole solar module array track automatically. The unique connecting rod structure and slewing ring ensure the stability of the whole system, low failure rate and low maintenance cost. Compared with fixed systems, this is a good choice for large solar power plants with a power generation of about 20%. The advantages are as follows: 1. Automatic tracking without manual debugging It has good environmental adaptability, is not affected by rainy and cloudy weather, has a wide tracking angle range, and improves the power generation capacity. 2. Equipped with GPS to ensure the accuracy of time High weather resistance is conducive to safe and stable operation between - 40℃- 85℃. Good electromagnetic compatibility design makes the system stable and reliable. 3. Remote communication, multi equipment group control Automatic fault identification, with automatic self-protection and alarm functions; Quadruple over current protection ensures the safety of the whole system 4. Customization system configuration It can be designed according to the specific requirements of customers.
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  •  Solar Roof Mounting Hooks
    Dec 04, 2021 Solar Roof Mounting Hooks
    Solar roof mounting tile hooks are most popular ,fixed or adjustable roof attachment for mounting solar on tile roofs,it works with flat,S and W tiles with optional deck flashing, making it as single socket installation. Features: *Enables simple,fast and cost-effective instillation. *Made of SUS304,high corrosion resistant surface treatment. *Fasteners and rail nut fully configured to save extra parts purchasing. The wide range of adjust-ability and leverage points ensure that installer use these hooks with any tile roofing style and working around inconveniently located rafters.
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  • Grounding Earth Clip for Solar Panels
    Nov 05, 2021 Grounding Earth Clip for Solar Panels
    Lightning protection solar mounting system grounding earth clip is a simple lightning protection grounding component that pierces the metal oxide surface on the PV module frame and PV guide rail or purlin to realize the electrostatic conduction between the solar module frame and the installation guide rail or purlin. It is usually made of stainless steel 304 or 316 and has strong corrosion resistance. The component is usually placed on the photovoltaic guide rail (purlin) and photovoltaic pressure block support for installation. When the bolt on the pressing block is locked, the sharp thorn on the lightning protection grounding stab will pierce the anodized layer of aluminum alloy guide rail or the surface layer of any other conductive metal purlin structure, so that the metal structures in contact with each other form an airtight electrostatic connection. Photovoltaic lightning protection solar mounting grounding clip is made of 304 stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance; No special tools are required for installation, which saves time and labor; It can be installed and used on photovoltaic aluminum rail, section steel purlin, photovoltaic aluminumclamps or aluminum alloy support plate. It is suitable for industrial and commercial roof distributed solar energy projects, ground photovoltaic projects and BIPV projects at home and abroad. It can be customized according to the actual project needs of customers.
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  • Solar Jesfer Myanmar 50MWP Ground PV Mounting System
    May 18, 2021 Solar Jesfer Myanmar 50MWP Ground PV Mounting System
    Despite the global popularity and disruption of covid-19, solar Jefer first worked closely with customers in accordance with the contract terms to deliver all the goods in advance with satisfactory quality, ensuring the success of the project.This is phase 4 of the photovoltaic solar power plant with a scale of 50MW The installation has been successfully completed. This is the fourth largest photovoltaic power generation project in Myanmar this year. The project was completed on May 15, using the Concrete Pile High Elevation Mounting System designed and provided by Xiamen Jesfer industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Solar Jefer is one of the leading manufacturers and solution providers of solar power bracket, solar tracking support, water floating mount system and BIPV systems in the global market. With branches in more than 100 countries, solar jefer enjoys a good reputation as a loyal new and old customer. As of October 2020, solar Jesfer's cumulative installed capacity is 2.2GW. Solar jesfer is committed to serving customers and is your reliable partner in the global photovoltaic industry.
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  • The first S-Series flexible off grid power generation project was officially completed and put into operation in Japan
    Apr 30, 2021 The first S-Series flexible off grid power generation project was officially completed and put into operation in Japan
    Recently, Japan's first industrial and commercial off grid integrated power generation project using jesfer photovoltaic MWT flexible modules has been officially put into operation in Japan after four months of laying inspection. With energy storage equipment, it can realize the self use of photovoltaic power generation in the factory, which not only shows the strength of MWT module in power generation performance, but also creates a new customized application mode for low load rooftop photovoltaic users such as color steel tile. From the early stage of product design to project laying, the project completely realized the customization of customer demand. In view of the special installation environment of low load and wide gap of color steel tile roof in customer's factory, daycare photovoltaic immediately responded and formed a special R & D project group. The production line cooperated with technical research and development, and provided customers with a set of mature product solutions in a short time, Ensure the smooth progress of power generation project. The off grid power generation project has a special installation environment, with weak bearing capacity of colored steel tiles and few focus points. Compared with the traditional installation bracket solution for laying ordinary photovoltaic modules, it adopts small plate type light modules and glued on the back. It is easy to install, with lower construction cost and weaker load demand on the rooftop. " The S1 flexible module provided by jesfer photovoltaic for users is characterized by narrow and long appearance. It can be inlaid in the corrugated of color steel tile by double-sided adhesive method. It can make full use of the color steel tile roof and avoid the use of installation bracket, which saves the installation cost and makes the installation more stable and reliable. Softness is another major advantage of S1, which inherits the genetic advantages of S-Series flexible components. Based on MWT technology, there is no main grid line and no solder tape on the front of the components. Special organic flexible polymer materials are used, combined with MWT's unique 2D packaging technology. Under the premise of ensuring the high efficiency and reliability of the components, the flexibility of the products is improved, and the thickness and weight of the products are reduced, with the thickness of 1.4mm, The whole body is only 1.3KG, so it can still generate electricity stably on low load roofs such as color steel tile. Jesfer has focused on designing solar energy system for more than 15 years, and has rich practical experience at home and abroad. It is handy for large and small projects, ensuring that each solar energy installation project can get the maximum power generation, so as to maximize the interests of each owner.At the same time enjoy free electricity and sell electricity to the government to make money, live a better life!
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  •  Screw Pile Foundation |
    Apr 17, 2021 Screw Pile Foundation |
    1.Basic features and scope of application Screw pile foundation is connected with one or more spiral blades on the steel pile rod, and by applying torque on the top of the pile foundation, the pile foundation is screwed and drilled into the soil to form a foundation that can withstand vertical and horizontal loads. The advantage of this type of foundation is that it can be processed in the factory and the quality is easy to control; the photovoltaic support can be installed immediately after the foundation construction is completed, reducing the overall construction cycle; when the photovoltaic power station reaches the design limit, the steel ground screw piles can be recycled, and at the same time The foundation of the site can be thoroughly cleaned up and it is easy to restore vegetation. The disadvantage is that the hard particles in the soil may cause damage to the foundation anticorrosive layer during construction. The applicable rock and soil conditions for screw pile foundations are residual soil, fully weathered rock soil, gravel gravel soil, gravel gravel soil, round gravel gravel soil, breccia gravel soil, sand, silt, flow plastic ~ soft Plastic clay and plastic ~ hard clay. 2.Basic design    Ground screw pile foundation can bear vertical force and horizontal force. When estimating the characteristic value of its vertical bearing capacity, the perimeter of the pile can be 0, πD (D is the diameter of the spiral pile blade) or πd (d is the diameter of the pile) according to the position of the pile in the soil; When estimating the characteristic value of the horizontal bearing capacity of the screw pile foundation, the diameter is taken as d. screw pile foundations often adopt a double-row foundation layout, and the loads they receive are mainly uplift and horizontal loads[4]. Therefore, when calculating this type of foundation, the calculation is generally based on the screw pile foundation under air suction conditions. The pull resistance is used to determine the geometric parameters of the steel pipe piles in the foundation, and then the horizontal bearing capacity and compressive bearing capacity of the foundation are checked. Jesfer specializes in the production of more than a dozen types of groud screws piles, with rich experience, and has been sold all over the world and has been praised by customers. jesfer ground screw piles are mainly used to serve solar photovoltaic systems, decks, light steel houses, farm sheds, landmark buildings, etc.
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