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Do you know the 7 types foundation used by solar panel mounting system? Dec 22, 2021

We specialize in providing different types of solar panel mounting system for most customers, which are suitable for building PV parking , rooftops on sloping roof and open field . What are the types of foundation used for solar panel mounting system? Of course, we can provide you with professional solutions.

No.1 Bored Pile Foundation:

The hole forming is convenient,which the elevation of the foundation top surface can be adjusted according to the terrain. The top elevation is easy to control, not only the concrete reinforcement usage is small, also small excavation amount .most importantly, the construction is fast, damage to the original vegetation is small. However, there are problems of concrete hole forming and pouring on site, which is suitable for general fill, cohesive soil, silt, sandy soil, etc.

No.2 Steel Spiral Foundation:

The hole forming is convenient. The top elevation can be adjusted according to the terrain without being affected by groundwater. The construction is carried out as usual under winter climate conditions, with fast construction, flexible elevation adjustment, little damage to the natural environment, no filling and excavation works, little damage to the original vegetation, and no site leveling. It is suitable for desert, grassland, beach, next door, frozen soil, etc. However, the steel used is large and is not suitable for strongly corrosive foundation and rock foundation.

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No.3 Independent Foundation

It has the strongest water load resistance, flood and wind resistance. The quantity of reinforced concrete required is the largest, there are a lot of manpower, a large amount of earthwork excavation and back filling, a long construction period and great damage to the environment. It is rarely used insolar panel mounting system projects.

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No.4 Reinforced Concrete Strip Foundation:

The strip foundation forms are suitable for relatively flat site ,low ground water leveland high requirements with uneven settlement for horizontal single axis solar tracker mounting system.

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No.5 Precast Pile Foundation

Prestressed concrete pipe piles with a diameter of about 300mm or square piles with a section size of about 200 * 200 are driven into the soil. Steel plates or bolts are reserved at the top to connect with the front and rear columns of the upper support. The depth is generally less than 3m. The construction is relatively simple and fast.

No.6 No.Ground Screw Pile Foundation

The cost is low, but the requirements for soil layer are high. It is suitable for silt with certain compactness or plastic and hard plastic silty clay, not for loose sandy soil layer. Pebbles or gravels with hard soil may not be easy to form holes.

ground mount solar foundations

No.7 Steel Spiral Pile Foundation:

Special machinery is used to screw it into the soil, with fast construction speed, no site leveling, no earthwork and no concrete. The vegetation in the site can be protected to the greatest extent, the support height can be adjusted according to the terrain, and the spiral pile can be reused.

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Cement counterweight method: pouring cement block on the cement flat roof is a common installation method, which has the advantages of stability and does not damage the waterproof of the roof.

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