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Solar Balcony Mounting Brackets System for Germany

Adjustable balcony mounting brackets system allows users to flexibly adjust the angle of the support according to the local latitude and longitude to improve the maximum power generation efficiency.

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Solar Balcony Mounting Brackets System for Germany

Solar balcony mounting bracket system enables users to easily install solar panels on the balcony railing, deck or garden safely and economically. The solar structure can be adjusted according to different types of balconies with aluminum alloy railings of common sizes. The balcony brackets system has a 12-year product warranty period and a 25-year service life, and can be installed on the balcony using allen wrenches, torque wrenches and wrenches. Compared with other installation systems used for residential solar projects, this solar balcony mounting system can be directly installed on the balcony of the building, which requires very little space while generating sustainable energy for daily use.

Features of balcony brackets system:

▲It can be used in a variety of scenes: gardens, balconies, railings, walls, etc.

▲Pre-assembly design, convenient and fast installation

▲Manually adjust the angle to adjust the angle of PV module to obtain more energy

Thickness of Solar Panel (mm): 30 / 35 / 40 / 50 Optional

solar balcony mounting germany

Packaging of balcony brakcets system

packaging of balcony brackets system

We could accept any type of customized different dimension of solar panels balcony mount system.You are welcomed to send your drawing and quantity ,then we can start your project .

PS :how to mount solar panels on a balcony?

Assess the weight capacity of your balcony: Before installing solar panels, you need to make sure that your balcony can support the additional weight. Check the building codes and consult a structural engineer or contractor to evaluate the weight capacity of your balcony.

Choose the right solar panels: Look for lightweight solar panels that are designed for small-scale installations. Thin-film solar panels are a good option as they are lightweight and flexible.

Select mounting hardware: There are several types of mounting hardware available for balcony solar installations, including ballast mounts, railing mounts, and bracket mounts. Choose a mounting system that is appropriate for your balcony and solar panel size.

Install mounting hardware: Install the mounting hardware on your balcony according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure that the hardware is securely attached to your balcony and can support the weight of your solar panels.

Install solar panels: Once the mounting hardware is in place, you can install the solar panels. Carefully place the solar panels on the mounting hardware and attach them securely.

Connect the panels: Connect the solar panels to a solar charge controller and a battery bank or inverter. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for wiring and connections.

Maintain your solar panels: Regularly check your solar panels for debris and dirt that could reduce their efficiency. Clean them periodically with a soft cloth or brush.

Remember:always consult with a professional before installing solar panels on your balcony. They can help ensure that your installation is safe and meets all building codes and regulations.

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