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PV Solar Carport Mounting Frame System for Sale

Solar car mounting system has excellent corrosion resistance,suitable for large commercial parking lot plant field construction using .meanwhile,It is a clean and environmentally friendly new energy, which can effectively alleviate the environmental and to reduce energy pressure of the society.

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PV Solar Carport Mounting Frame System for Sale

Solar photovoltaic car shed is the combination of solar power generation and car shed roof, which is the simplest combination of photovoltaic and architecture. It can not only realize all the functions of the traditional shed, but also bring power generation benefits to the owners.Steel car port solar mounting frame support is generally used, which is simple, generous, fashionable and beautiful.


As the earliest integrator to develop PV carport mounting system in China,Jesfer Co.,Ltd has many cases at home and abroad. Its products are exported to Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and some European and American regions. As an economic, environment-friendly and fashionable building integration solar supporting project, what are the characteristics of carport solar mounting system?


1.Feature of solar panel carport mounting system:

◭High anti-corrosion performance .

Adopt high strength carbon steel Q235b or first grade aluminium alloy AL6005-T5.

◭Low cost, convenient installation and good flexibility.

Post and beams rail are pre-assembled in factory ,so that to reduce labour costs and no need cut on site .

◭Saving land resources.

Make full use of the original site to provide green energy.

2.Photo of carport mounting system:

 steel car mount solar panelmodern design pv solar carport mounting system

3.More details of carport mounting frames pv system:

◭According to the form of post:N-type, W-type, V-type, T-type, Y-type, L-type, L-type, 4 post-type ,IV-type and VI-type .

◭By location: household, company, shopping mall, large parking lot .

◭By support category: steel structure, aluminum alloy, flexible long-span support .

◭ According to the surface treatment of support: hot galvanizing and painting .

◭ According to waterproof: sealed waterproof, ordinary waterproof .

◭By row: single row parking space and double row parking space .

◭ According to the number of parking spaces: 1 parking space, 2 parking space, 3 parking space and multiple parking spaces (large span) .

waterproof solar carport mounting


4.Design elements of PV Solar Carport Mounting Frame:

Basic data of solar paring lot site selection scheme:

◭Site size: XXX meters from east to West * XXX meters from north to south.

◭ Existing parking space and road scheme.Take real photos of the site to understand the site and surrounding obstructions.

◭Confirmed the material using :aluminium alloy or carbon steel .

◭Whether the carport PV system needs to be waterproof: it is divided into waterproof carport structure and non-waterproof one.

◭Confirming the types of carport structure :Mainly consider the owner's requirements for appearance, but it must be combined with the current situation of the site.

5. How to buy car port solar mounting frame from us ?

◭ Inquire to us for various models of carport structure.

◭we will send drawing and offer once get your project in details information , then order and payment.

◭ Production :we start production according to our purchase order .

◭ Booking shipment for sea freight transport,the air freight charge or courier also workable for small orders.

◭ Customs clearance and paying customs duty, taxes, etc in the destination .

◭ The seaport of departure for Xiamen,China.

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